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Leveraging over 30 years of experience, PTG stands as a distinguished full-service Workday Partner and authorized Reseller. Our offerings encompass everything from seamless Workday Subscription purchasing to full-scale deployment, post-deployment support, and expert advisory services, ensuring a comprehensive Workday experience.
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Discover Our Workday Expertise

Reseller Services & Contract Accessibility

As an authorized Workday Reseller, PTG offers a range of contract vehicles, providing flexible and accessible procurement options for Workday solutions. This service caters to various organizational needs, ensuring a streamlined acquisition process for all Workday products and services.

Workday Managed Services & Support

Rely on PTG for sustaining and augmenting the value of your Workday investment through continuous operational support and consulting.

Workday Implementation & Operational Enhancement

Transition smoothly with our expert guidance on Workday implementation and deployment, enhancing your organization's operational capabilities.

Insights & Analytics

Utilize Workday to provide statistical modeling, metrics, and ad hoc analysis of your financial, operational, and workforce data, empowering your decision-making with actionable insights. Blend Workday data with external data sources to provide a global perspective across your business systems.

Change Management & Organizational Empowerment

Our team supports your business in embracing organizational redesign, effective change planning, communication strategies, and leadership development.

Seamless Workday Integration Services

Discover the transformative impact of Workday features, seamlessly integrated into your existing business operations by our full-service support team.

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PTG: Your Premier Workday Partner for Public Sector - Expertly Serving States, Counties, Cities, Utility Districts, and Educational & Healthcare Institutions

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