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Enterprise Solutions

PTG provides innovative technology solutions whether you are changing your existing environment, rolling out a new system, or contemplating a new technology.  Our solutions enable companies to retrieve and disseminate mission-critical data throughout the organization, providing managers with real-time operating information.



 PTG enables SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) or IaaS (infrastructure as a service) solutions that may be accessed on demand by end users or consumers.

managed Services

Managed Services

Our AMS services provide clients with the necessary support needed to effectively manage their enterprise applications. Our services include application management, monitoring, support, enhancements, patch management, and more.

Data Conversion

Data Conversion

Eliminate the risk of out of date migration.  Regardless if it is      on-prem or cloud we can assist in removing the risk and provide an increase in the data quality.   Our team can provide Data Assessment, Cloud Data Migration and On-Prem Data Migration. 



PTG Consulting Services can help your organization maximize its processes, procedures, and technologies to achieve bottom-line improvements while enhancing overall employee productivity. 



Our Integration solutions are aimed to connect various units, platforms, and software within a single well-functioning environment. Our experts will design a comprehensive plan for consolidating your IT infrastructure and applications, thus enhancing its efficiency and scalability.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping

Our consultants facilitate process workshops to instruct your personnel on building new service processes as well as the elements to improvement existing processes. By building and diagramming your processes, shortfalls and dependencies can be identified and mitigated prior to production.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Our solutions allow you to track & measure trends at every aspect of your business. Dynamic dashboards provide views of your business across the entire landscape.

AI / Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/RPA

By combining RPA with cognitive technologies such as machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language processing, companies can automate higher-order tasks with AI assistance that in the past required the perceptual and judgement capabilities of humans.

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