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Enterprise Project Management

Beyond a technology focus, our consultants are real-world practitioners. They have held the roles for which they are now consulting, so they are armed, able to deliver, and ready to push back when needed.

Executing a successful project based on today’s industry best practice standards such as SCRUM and Waterfall are keys to delivering successful strategies and business outcomes.

Inadequate Enterprise project management is one of the most common causes of project failures.

PTG can assume overall responsibility for delivery of your project, providing resources to advise the Steering Team as well as managing the project implementations.

Our Project Managers utilise PTG's project management methodology and their own experience to deliver successful projects. Our methodology has  been developed and refined over many projects and is a proven, repeatable process that can be adapted to each client's business model.

The success of most projects is gauged by traditional on-time, on-budget metrics. PTG yardstick for success is far more stringent than this. We believe that a project is not fully successful unless the benefits that were defined in the business case are also realized.

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