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Stang-up Meeting

Our OCM Philosophy

Business Oriented Transformation

Clearly defined business value drives the need for change.

Sustainable Change

Established metrics and measures of success ensure that change initiatives deliver ongoing ROI.


Internal Capabilities Development

Building internal capabilities through resource acquisition and development.

Our client's goals are what matters.

When engaging a new customer, our goal is to learn about your company's service culture and use that information to drive the rest of the implementation.

By taking the time to understand our clients’ strengths and needs, we can build a value-add design that is scalable and flexible.

  • Help our clients build necessary training plans.

  • Aid in the adoption of new services and processes.

  • Mitigate the impact of changes in the environment.

  • Determine the best communications methodology suited to the environment.

  • Host workshops to educate stakeholders in roles and responsibilities.

Strategy & Planning

  • Change Impact Assessment

  • Defining Change Management Strategy

  • Preparing Change Management Team

  • Develop Sponsorship Model

Transformational Support

  • Develop Change Management Plans

  • Ongoing Communication

  • Training Capabilities Development

  • Coaching & Mentorship

Ongoing Reinforcement

  • Managing Resistance

  • Collect & Analyze Feedback

  • Ongoing Measurement & Improvement

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