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Vanessa Ozuna
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PTG holds a contract with the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) as part of the Cooperative Contracts.

Cloud Platform as a Service


Through this DIR contract, PTG is pleased to offer the full range of ServiceNow Products, training, and implementation services. This industry leading platform as a service offering includes a comprehensive service management framework to increase workflor efficiency across IT, HR, facilities, Field Services, and other service domains. As part of the IT Operations Management capabilities, you can simplify service delivery and automate provisioning, monitoring and operational reporting. The platform capabilities allow users to rapidly create powerful business applications that span systems and organizations.

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Services and Pricing

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Warranty Information:


Warranty and policies are based upon manufacturers' warranties.


How to Order ServiceNow:
Contact PTG to obtain information on products and services needed for your organization.  Once complete, PTG will issue a PTG ServiceNow Order form which will contain all data related to the order and terms and conditions.  Upon approval and execution of the PTG ServiceNow Order Form, the requesting organization will issue PTG a purchase order with the corresponding DIR contract number DIR-TSO-5058.   


Please contact PTG for more information.

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