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PTG Consulting Services can help your organization maximize its processes, procedures, and technologies to achieve bottom-line improvements while enhancing overall employee productivity. Assessments determine the “where are we now” and explain the "were we should be" in a detailed road map which prioritizes enhancements to processes and technologies.


Whether you are fixing a problem or evaluating the implementation of a new technology, changes to your technology environment can be more impactful if you have a clear understanding of your IT operations and processes. An assessment is the first step.

Optimizing an IT environment begins with a comprehensive understanding of your entire infrastructure and resources, as well as a roadmap to ensure that technology and business priorities are aligned. With a clearer picture of your data center’s efficiency, flexibility, and security, you’ll have the information needed to modernize your environment for optimal performance.

In each one of our assessments, we consider your infrastructure, resources, business needs, and objectives. We methodically pose and explore questions such as:

  • How is data being used, transported, accessed, stored, and protected?

  • What platforms are in place, and are they serving the business as best they could?

  • How could technology be optimally used to achieve key business objectives?

  • What are the long-term goals of the business and is the current environment able to scale or flex to support said goals?

  • Are financial and other resources being maximized and well allocated? 


Through deep analysis and collaborative evaluation, we’re able to devise a sound roadmap to get you from today to your ideal end state.

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