Wireless Integration

Wireless mobility is key to today’s technology-driven personal and work environment. Increased productivity and efficiency are progressively more dependent on access to reliable broadband. PTG’s wireless integration services deliver peace of mind with respect to performance, reliability, and security while at the same time reducing demand on overburdened IT departments.

PTG’s managed 802.11 services put the latest WLAN technology well within your reach.

WLAN deployments can be costly and complex. Managed 802.11 services can be the answer. Precision Task Group’s wireless implementation services provide full deployment of managed wireless LAN that deliver peace of mind with respect to performance, reliability and security.

Dependable and stable broadband access is key to maintaining your company’s competitive edge, but ever-increasing demands on existing infrastructure make wireless LAN difficult to maintain. Data-intensive applications place network operators of all sizes under pressure to offer faster data speeds with a more robust interface. PTG partners with leading WLAN manufacturers to create customized managed 802.11 packages for our clients. Our solutions are tailored to your needs rather than apply a one-size fits all solution. 

PTG wireless consultants work with client stakeholders to define goals, long-term implementation and maintenance strategies. We conduct a full cycle detailed analysis of the planned wireless environment to verify appropriate type and placement of devices and identify issues such as proper antenna placement, channel selection and security. We stage and install the new system while ensuring it meets project specifications and standards. PTG managed 802.11 services means your company can continue to rely on your new WLAN while avoiding the issues that come with day-to-day maintenance and system upgrades.

PTG, along with it's technology partners, can tailor each deployment to meet specific customer needs, including: 
  • High Capacity Wireless in dense, demanding environments

  • Wire-like delivery of HD video and audio

  • Cloud Hosted Network Service – Network wide visibility and control

  • Configuration in Minutes – without training or a dedicated staff

  • Higher Bandwidth-Rates up to 900 Mbps

  • User-centric Enterprise Security (fully HIPAA and PCI compliant)
  • Elimination of traditional hardware, licensing and onsite management proves extremely cost-effective

  • GPS awareness to enable location-based advertising

  • Advanced enterprise grade security

  • Seamless and clean transition from carriers

  • Video Surveillance deployed quickly and without physical infrastructure limitations

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